The Strategy We Used to Grow An Online Business 3000% In Under 30 Days

Matt Johnston

Apr 20, 2020

From $4K per month to $120K per month

Once upon a time, ChordBuddy was a Shark Tank darling.

With bids by three sharks and eventual partnership with Robert, the company made millions in sales, helping people play guitar all over the world.


But eventually, sales faded as the show got further in the rearviewmirror.

And when a round of overseas counterfeiters started dumping a bunch of money in marketing cheap imitations ...

It nearly destroyed Travis Perry's business.

He laid off almost everyone, and was selling just 2 products per day to the tune of $4,000 in revenue per month.

He was planning his exit strategy.

Thank goodness we found each other in that moment. Travis and I had known each other for about 6 months and I was already a fan of ChordBuddy.

During that time my book, Producing Empathy: The Secret Method I Use to Get 100 Million Views on Videos, came out.

Travis had been burned over and over by sub-par Facebook™️ advertising efforts.

And it pained me to see this happening when I knew the massive potential with the right strategy and creative.

I convinced him to let us take a swing at it.


It was all about the video content. We plugged ChordBuddy into our "Vesta" content strategy.

It includes a viral-optimized awareness video, conversion-based testimonial videos, and a third party authority article.

The product video we made for them to run in their ad strategy went viral, as it was designed to do, and it raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales alone at the top of the sales funnel.

The text on screen Top of Funnel videos we make follow my HERO system for viral video that has pulled in millions of dollars in sales and billions of video views.

The testimonial videos were placed at the bottom of the funnel and aimed at emotional resonance.

That means they were used to convert people who may have watched the video or visited the website, but not yet made the leap to buy yet.

We first tested the audiences and creatives and the funnel took off so intensely that we scaled aggressively.

Here's a visual look at exactly the strategy we used:


Travis texted me one day asking, "Matt, if we doubled our budget, do you think we could make twice as much money? I'm not sure how exactly it works?" 

In this case? Yes.

By the end of the month we were making upwards of $120K in monthly revenue (up from $4,000) with a return on advertising spend of about 6:1. 

We regularly partner with great businesses with great products like Chordbuddy to help them reach their goals.

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Written by:

Matt Johnston

CEO, Guide Social

Apr 20, 2020


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