Introduction to Digital Advertising

Professor: Matt Johnston

Schedule: Thursdays, 3-5pm EST,

Phone: 315-730-4777


Office Hours: By appointment via email

Course Description:

Over and over again in my agency, I have scaled up internally only to run into the same roadblock over and over again: I wish I could just clone myself. Not because I am so awesome, but because I have all the knowledge already. And when I would delegate out, often folks wouldn’t have the knowledge and experience and I would have to step in anyway. This stops now! :)

This course is a 6-week intensive that covers all aspects of digital advertising and marketing. We’ll cover content marketing, sales funnels, and advertising strategy in the first half of the course. And then in the second half of the course move on to more specific tactics and strategies in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and how agencies work from a business model standpoint. 

Each student who graduates from this course will leave with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and advertising, as well as how an ad agency functions throughout. You are going to gain some real expertise in this course!


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Course Organization:

The first half of class will often be discussion, the second half of class will sometimes be practical and sometimes lecture/discussion. 


There will be two quizzes and one final exam. The two quizzes are worth 15% each. The Final Exam (50%) will be a take home test after the final session. Participation is 20% of the grade.


Topics and Assignments (Tentative Schedule):


Introduction to digital marketing and advertising
What is a sales funnel and how does it work?
Organic vs. Paid traffic


Introduction to Content Marketing
Blog SEO best practices
Video Marketing best practices
HERO and SEED system for effective content creation
Producing Empathy should be read by this class


Quiz 1
Introduction to Paid Advertising Funnels
Facebook Ads Basic training
Google Ads Basic Training
Reading Due TBD


Facebook Ads Advanced Training and Practice
Google Ads Training and Practice


Quiz 2
Comprehensive marketing strategies
Designing a marketing and advertising strategy
Problem and Solution Awareness and the Customer journey


Inside an agency
Business models
Marketing a digital ad agency
Working with clients (best practices)
Reporting (Best practices)
Final Exam Review


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